Our exciting new partnership!

To enhance our ability to connect with you and provide excellent service, we at The Fashion Service are constantly on the lookout for innovative new approaches. So when we met the team at Source, a unique digital lifestyle service, we immediately agreed a partnership we think you will greatly benefit from.

Source promises to deliver “Lifestyle at your fingertips”. It’s a smart and intuitive mobile app that, whilst providing informative content about a range of lifestyle interests, allows you to effortlessly request and tailor bespoke products & services on the go using the in-built interactive chat.

The Fashion Service is delighted to be working with Source to provide you with a new channel to engage with us. We appreciate that our customers increasingly find mobile technology useful and practical in getting things done in their busy day to day lives – and we think you will enjoy interacting with us in this new way

If this sounds exciting why don’t you give it a go for your next request from us?

Click here to download the Source app from the Apple App Store, or email to request an access code for the 30 day trial followed by a 50% discount for the first year of membership which we have agreed for our customers.

Happy “Sourcing”!

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